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Server 2008 Group Policy Diagnostic Uitlity

I am having a problem with some of my group policies not being applied correctly.  Does Windows Server 2008 contain a diagnostic utilty that might help me with this problem?  If so how do I run it and have it output a log file for me to reveiw?  Thanks!
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Research "Group Policy Best Practice Analyzer".
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I did and did not find anything for Server 2008.
See here for additional information
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You can use gpresult
I did use gpresult on the client PC experiencing the problem.  I would like to run something on the server that may give me further indication as to why the group policy is not be applied correctly.
Well that wouldn't tell you anything since clients are the ones getting the GPOs applied too. Post gpresults
The word document has screen shots of what I am seeing on the client PC.
The second document is 46MB taking a long time to download. Well from the gpresult it states that there is not a GPO at all.

Post dcdiag
That is correct.  I have removed all of the GPO's at this point.  When you get the word document downloaded you will see where the problem is occurring.  I have a logon script that maps serveral network drives.  This is not occurring correctly and the only thing I thought could be causing the problem is GPO's.  Since I removed all of the GPO's I thought that all of the mappings should apply and show up on the client PC.  However they are not.
I am not very familiar with dcdiag.  How do I run it?
Ok I see. Very weird.
go to command prompt type dcdiag
Where will the output file go?
The output to the screen within the command prompt. Just copy this then post
Looked like everything passed to me.
Looks good.
Any ideas with the mapping problem?
You should be able to see your Map Drives. If you manually do this as well. Could  be a View issue. I would change your current Windows Explorer view to details
It is weird because all of the drives show up as mapped on the client PC but only some of the mapped drives show up in Windows Explorer.  Changing the views has no affect on what is displayed.
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Darius Ghassem
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Will do.
Thanks for all the assistance darius!