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MySQL and MySQL Workbench (GUI Tool) on Win 7 64 bit instalation and usage questions

I am new to Mysql,

1) Can I install MySQL Workbench (GUI Tool)  on Win 7 64 bit?
It seems to show only 32 bit options?

2) I have installed tbe MySQL Cluster on the Win 7  64 bit and I want to work with it from visual C++ 2010

3) Is  Mysql cluster harder to configure than the  MySQL Workbench?
Will the  MySQL Workbench work fast although its 32 bit binaries on a 64 bit machine?

4) Where can I find a  VC++ example to connect to the database?
Can you please supply an example, what do II need to write in Visual C++ and in the command line in Win 7 (or at least the steps ) to build the Database from Visual C++

5) How do I start the MySQL cluster each time I boot the computer ? do I need to write a script and is there a Mysql command to read a script?

6) Do I need to install the Xampp? will it help me?
Both my Visuall C++ and the Mysql are on the same machine.

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Hi mwvisa1,
Thanks for the answers.
I need to use the Mysql from Visual C++ so I suppose I don´t need an Apache.
I understood from your answer about the Workbench, I will install it.