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Unable to open objects on excel 2003

Unable to open objects on excel 2003
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Please send a detailed step by step to get where you're getting, as well as OS version, Office build, etc...

Please help us help you !
Just an initial guess...maybe you have macros disabled.
when you first open the workbook, just above the grid is a bar with a that and enable to see if it helps.
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Detailed information:

We have added word, excel, pdf doccuments as an objects in Excel. When we are try to open the embeded doccuments, it does not open. In the formula bar it says "=Embeded("Word Doccument") depending on the type of file you are trying to open...

I have tried to enable and disable Macros.

Application Excel 2003
OS: XP (Office build)

Please help
1) "Document" is misspelled, but I'm guessing that was just when you retyped it
2) How did you get the Embed piece into the formula?  Manually or through a separate process?
3) Are you simply trying to launch Word or open a specific document
4) Are you opposed to using VBA to launch these applications (although they won't be embedded)?
and... are you sure that these word documents are still in the same place where they were when these objects were inserted ?
Please excuse my typo.
When I am trying to open the document which is embeded on the excel, it does not open and the formula appears on the formula bar
Word documents are in the same location,  they have not changed
I do not have any access restrictions
I don't have access to Excel 2003 anymore but when I try to embed a 2003 word doc into excel 2010, I get this formula:

Yeah it showing the formula but it is not opening the doccument please help
that's not the same formula you have...can you try to add it again and see what happens?
Tried to add multiple times it does not open please help
Did you go through the menus?

Insert tab, Text group box, Object

If not that, then we can try to see if VBA can recognize it.
I am afraid I have tried that did not work though
Are you able to put pictures or checkboxes?  If so, then the problem is with automation with larger objects.
Does this work on a new workbook?  If not, you may be having some system problems (memory issues.)

How about in Word?  Can you drop an Excel sheet into it?  Maybe your Office suite needs to be re-installed.
It works fine in word..issue is only with excel
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Thanks for the solution
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