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Microsoft Exchange 2003 IS grew 70GB in three months after defrag

Hi all.  I have a bit of a situation with one client who's Exchange IS has grown over 50GB in three months.  Here's the situation: The clients IS was originally hovering around 80GB.  The client was having all sorts of issues with connecting to Exchange including poor performance, adding attachments, etc...  To streamline their IS, I divided it into four storage groups, moved the mailboxes into the different storage groups to try and split the size load evenly.  There are a number of users with 15+GB mailboxes.  After I moved the mailboxes I defraged the storage groups and brought the entire Exchange IS size down to around 50GB.  Fast forward three months and now their IS is 120GB.  The system is clean as I've run several virus scans.  Backups have been completing and logs are being truncated.  Any ideas?  Thanks
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I bet you have tons of badmail. If you go into the exchange root and find the badmail folder right-click it and see how large it is. I'll bet you just need to delete badmail/spam from that folder and your store will come down to a reasonable size. This is just a guess but it's something I ran into about 5 years ago.
If badmail is huge navigate into that folder with a command prompt and then just issue a del *.* and hit enter. Please please, backup first if possible.
I wish you could edit posts. So here is this from Microsoft for managing badmail:

If you are running Exchange SP1 it no longer uses the badmail folder so it won't be that if you are on SP1 already.

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Thanks for your replies.  We are running SP1, so that didn't work.  It's odd, if I add up the size of the mailboxes they don't equal 120GB, but if I add up the size of the EDB and STM files, it does.
The mailboxes do not usually add up to the edb and stm.  Just the edb. You could have some large emails that keep being sent back and forth within you org thereby creating the sent email copy as well as the new item in the recipients mailbox.
@netcon2011: I thought that might be a possibility, but it seems odd that the average growth would be abotu 5-6GB a year, and now 70GB in a matter of months.  Just seems like a lot.  My boss also sold them a SonicWALL CDP with offsite vaulting, but now that the IS has grown so large there isn't enough offsite storage.  He doesn't want to go back and tell them they need to spend more money on offsite storage immediately after they just bought what they have.
1. Are you running any iPhones or Smart Phones with ActiveSync?

2. You can use this to possible help track down an offending device that may be causing issues

3. Check this out as well

4. Lastly you can use ExMon to monitor Mailbox activity
Barracuda Message archiver has stubbed attachments in the IS, but for some reason didn't actually remove the attachments.  We're still having problems with the large IS, but we're thinking about defragging to clean it up.
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Database is no longer growing, and we are going to schedule an offline defrag to shrink what we currently have.
Thanks for the update and the points!!