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Office 2003 saving to network drive slow after server migration


I recently moved from an SBS with Exchange, to a Windows 2003 R2 PDC and a separate Exchange box.

The Domain Controller is doing the file sharing. After I did this move, the users are having major slowdowns saving to the new network drive.

When using Word/Excel they go to File, Save As.. then go to the network folder to save it. This process is fast and works. The problem is, IMMEDIATELY after saving, it hangs and they can't close the document until about a full 15 seconds later.

I have done the following to remedy, but to no avail:


%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Recent and deleted all files there.

Went to Network Places and deleted all old server references.

All users are on Windows XP.


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If a user logons to  the domain in another xp computer, the problem stills exit or not?
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I'll check and repost, thank you
The problem still exists, new profile.
What is the anti-virus installed at the server side?
NOD32, had it on SBS also
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Ok I'll do that tonight.
IF that is the issue, do I just leave the Server without an AV?
Of course not. You need to find an AV which works fine on R2.
Ok thanks, I'll do this tonight.
If the AV turns out not to be the problem, try adding your old server name as an alias for the new server IP address in DNS.  Office apps (particularly Word) have a habit of hanging on to URLs for old servers when opening and/or saving documents.
The old one was shutdown because SBS was causing a user limit problems. I agree what you're saying though, but if I tried the user on a new profile with a different PC, shouldn't that reason be omitted?
No, because the problem is not caused by anything in the user's profile. It is caused by URLs encoded into the metadata of the documents themselves - i.e., paths in the original template ( or other template) used to create the original document.
Gotcha. So now that the server's retired, and if that's the problem, how can that be fixed without bring it back up ?
Just add a record in your internal DNS zone for the old server name as an alias for the new server:

1. Open the DNS management console and expand your zone until you can click on your domain name under Forward Lookup Zone.
2.  Right-click and choose New Alias (CNAME).
3.  Put in the old server name for the alias and put in your new server's FQDN as the target host.

This will cause your old server name to resolve to the new server's IP address. That way, if the slowness is in fact being caused by FQDN's in your word documents, they will be redirected to the new server.
I'll try that also. Thank you!
It was the anti-virus. :|