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Can someone please shoot me a link so i can download a trial copy of windows 2003 server.

Can someone please shoot me a link so i can download a trial copy of windows 2003 server not just the service pack? Everywhere I go they keep pointing me to a SP2 or server 2008. We need to see if something will work on 2003 server.

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Ok thank you. I guess that is what I will have to do.


Thank you
Hence the reason for TechNet's existence ... trial, testing, learning.  It is available there, but you must purchase a subscription.  This is the only legal way to obtain it ... or buy a retail copy on ebay.
If you are by chance a small business owner you can register for a special MSDN membership. Are you? If so I can give you a link that will let you register your business with Microsoft and then you'll be approved to download platforms as early as Windows 95. That's about the only way you'll find a 2003 trial/demo download.
My wife (so maybe me also by extension) is a small business owner ... what kind of "special" MSDN membership are you talking about?  I'm not sure I'm familiar with it ... I don't know about the author, but I'd be interested to know more, if you could post the link for us.
Yes rawinnlnx9 we are a business. See we have a copy of 2003 here. But, one of our other departments need it. We can't trust them or anyone with a license copy. So I wanted to give them a trial to use for there testing.

Yes we are a small business.

It's called Microsoft BizSpark: I've been using it for 2 years and still have one year left. I've loved every minute of it.
This I have heard of ... but isn't that for startup development companies ... kind of a "help you get started" program?
Not necessarily. I had been in business for 3 years when I applied. The site is their for you to apply. It's up to Microsoft to determine your eligibility. I applied, answered many questions and then got approved. I was surprised but glad I tried.
Wow, good to hear.  Thanks.