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Outlook attachment save feature

I just had an excel document open and made some changes to it. I closed it and it asked me if I wanted to save, I clicked yes. I then was looking for it in my computer because I thought I saved it from the attachment in my email but I didn't. If I open the message with the attachment it doesn't have my changes and it also has (2) at the end of the file like it is another copy of the document.  Anyone know where I can find the original with my changes? Should I close outlook and open it again?
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David Lee
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Hi, calitech.

The spreadsheet with changes should be in Outlook's secure folder.  The path to that folder varies based on the version of Windows you're using.  On a Vista box it will be something like

c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\<random folder name>\
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Since you know the name you can enter it in search and find it that way. It will be in a temp folder somewhere. Another trick is to open the attachment and click to "save as" then see the path it is saving to.
If you go the search route, then you'll have to change a setting in Windows in order to see hidden folders.  One of the folders in the path is hidden and will not show up in a search.
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I have windows 7 Pro, I have done the search option for the file name or .xls and looked in the Temp internet folder but I don't have a Content.Outlook folder.
Still no luck. If I try and close the email with the attchement it is asking if I want to save but I am worried about over writing the attachment with the changes so I have left the email open for now.
Have you configured Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders?  If not, then the search isn't actually searching everything.
yes I have hidden files and folder shown
Have you tried the "save as" trick to see where it is defaulting to? When you see the dialog box asking you for the name to save as, take a peak at what the path is.
peek  :)
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not worried about it now. Just recreated document