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SQL - Update Query with Case Condition

SQL 2008 / 2005

I am trying to update a Column with Conditions :- If the Column Value has 9 digits, then Add 2 Zeros on its Prefix, If the Column Value has 8 digits, then Add 3 zeros on its Prefix.

This is an Update Query, - I am not sure, how to fix this issue.

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Shaun Kline
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If you use the Right command, you can achieve what you want:
RIGHT('000000000' + <field>, 9)

If you need to limit it to just fields with 8 or 9 digits, use a where clause that filters for values with lengths of 8 or 9.
If the column is of integer datatype, try this query with cast
UPDATE YourTable
SET YourColumn = REPLICATE('0', 11 - LEN(CAST(YourColumn AS VARCHAR))) + CAST(YourColumn AS VARCHAR)
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Name of the Table : BalanceReport

Name of the Column : NDC Varchar(50)
It will make the length 9 characters by appending zeros in the beginning.

update TblName set colName = right('000000000' + colName, 9)

It will work if you colName if of varchar type, you cannot prefix zeros in the numeric types
REPLICATE will repeats the '0' so that total 11 characters will be there in result.
Something like that:  
update mytable  
 set prefix = case LEN(prefix)
                        when 9 then '00' + prefix
                        when 8 then '000' + prefix
For VARCHAR Column, no need of that CASTing. Try this query
UPDATE YourTable
SET YourColumn = REPLICATE('0', 11 - LEN(YourColumn)) + YourColumn
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Rajkumar and Devlab :-

In my Query, i need a condition whether total number of digits are 8 or 9

Based on that i need to add prefix zeros.

total number of digits in that column should be 11.

update BalanceReport
set NDC =case when len(NDC)=9 then '00' + NDC  when len(NDC )=8 then '000' + NDC

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Updated my query

UPDATE BalanceReport

create table #BalanceReport
	NDC varchar(50)

insert into #BalanceReport
select '12' union
select '1' union
select '12345' union
select '12345678'

UPDATE #BalanceReport

select * from #BalanceReport

drop table #BalanceReport

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Thank you.

There is a small correction, i request your help in the Case Statement.

Some Columns already have 11 digits, in that scenario - we need to ignore.
Now the Case Condition runs all the Columns irrespective whether they have 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 digits.

If they have 7, we need to add 4 zeros
if they have 11, we dont want any zeros.

From your case condition, i am able to modify 7,8,9,10 length.
But for 11 digit length .. ?
Did you try my query - http:#34909007 ?
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Rajkumar, Thank you for helping me.

I have not tried your query. Reason is that i - I am also concerned about QUery Performance.

In your query, you are creating a Temp Table and then Inserting .. Query Cost Estimation would be high.

Oh man. That was for demonstrating purpose only
I was trying to show you how this query works with sample data
You need to query that I posted first in that comment alone.

Any way - Nice to see you got the solution.
hi chokka,

you can add different length case statements, for length=11, you don't need to add any condition as we don't need to update,

you can try like this,

you can also try Rajkumar's query which does the same thing in better readable format.
update BalanceReport
set NDC =case when len(NDC)=10 then '0' + NDC when len(NDC)=9 then '00' + NDC when len(NDC)=8 then '000' + NDC  when len(NDC )=7 then '0000' + NDC   when len(NDC )=6 then '00000' + NDC end

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