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How do I select a unique ID number? PHP

On my website it displays a bunch of different users. but when the user is creating an account the query messes up once in a while and inserts the information twice into the database.
So when it displays it, it displays that user twice. Is there a way to weed out duplicates in the SELECT command, when I'm running the query? I tried SELECT DISTINCT but that didn't do it... Right now it looks like this: $query = "SELECT DISTINCT user FROM users";
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Chris Harte
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The information has been entered twice into the database. The only difference will be the key index. You will have to go into the database and delete the duplicate.
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I can't go into the database and delete the extras, there are way to many.
So there isn't a way to sort out the duplicates by the username, or another unique row?
Run this on mysql :)

CREATE TABLE users2 as
SELECT * FROM users GROUP BY username;


RENAME TABLE users2 TO users;

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I need to do it somehow do it without deleting any of the rows..... Is there any way?
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