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Add Horizontal bar to <div> in Chrome


I am trying to add horizontal scrollbar to a <div> list.
It works OK in IE, but not in Chrome.

I tries -'auto';

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Yes, I see tha the trick is the I put"99%"
But now my problem is that I see the scrollbar, but is is disabled and does not have the tracker.
But, I think it is due to something else that I do, so I will give you the points.
But if you know why (it is disabled) please reply.
Do you have overflow-y: auto or overflow-y: scroll? Try swapping whatever you have and see if it helps. I think you can also set overflow: auto in the style tag and that would manage it for x and y.
From what I can see this should work unless you have scrolling disabled in an iFrame or parent container or in the CSS. That may interfere with what you are doing.
When I put 'auto' than it doesn't show the scroll at all.
When I put 'scroll' it shows the scroll but it is disabled.