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Loop for PeopleEditor C#

I have a custom webpart that has 3 PeopleEditors on the form. This form submits to the custom list in SharePoint.  I have the code to update 1 of the PeopleEditors, but need to make this loop through 3 different people editors in the form.  Maybe a second class with my code that I could call?
string requestors = ppRequestor.CommaSeparatedAccounts;
            // commaseparatedaccounts returns entries that are comma separated. we want to split those up
            char[] splitter = { ',' };
            string[] splitPPReq = requestors.Split(splitter);
            // this collection will store the user values from the people editor which we'll eventually use
            // to populate the field in the list    
            SPFieldUserValueCollection values = new SPFieldUserValueCollection();
             // for each item in our array, create a new sp user object given the loginname and add to our collection
            for (int i = 0; i < splitPPReq.Length; i++)
            string loginName = splitPPReq[i];
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(loginName))
            SPUser user = web.SiteUsers[loginName];
            // you could also use SPUser user = web.EnsureUser(loginName);
            SPFieldUserValue fuv = new SPFieldUserValue(web, user.ID, user.LoginName);
            string primaryAdmin = ppAdmin.CommaSeparatedAccounts;
    // set the Person or Group column
    newRequest["Requestor"] = values;

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