QB 2008 Pro and QB 2009 Contractor: read the same qbw?

I have two clients that are somewhat unique. They are separate businesses but share a building and some administrative employees. They each have a version of Quickbooks. Company 1: Quickbooks 2009 Contractor and Company 2: Quickbooks 2008 Pro. Company 1 wants 2 employees from company 2 to work on their books. Aside from connecting their networks which I plan to do, can they use their respective versions of Quickbooks to open Company 1's qbw files? I'm assuming not, but I thought I'd ask - not only because the version is different but the licenses are different?

Let me ask this then: If both Companies upgraded to 2011 Contractor  (but had their separate licenses) Could they both open Company 1's files? Again I'm guessing no, but wanted confirmation.

So, maybe I'm answering my own question but it seems that they need to buy one license of QB 2011 Contractor, split the cost and then they could both open Company 1's files (assuming they have proper multi-user license)?
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stlinaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The QB License actually only controls the number of people that can be in the same file at the same time. So, the fact that the 2 companies have 2 different licenses doesn't matter. The fact that they are in different years is where the problem actually lies.

As dbllp stated, upgrading them both to 2011 would allow company 2 to open either file. To take it one step further, you could have company 1 in Premier and company 2 in Pro even. The downside is that when company 2 opened company 1s file, they would lose the 'premier contractor' features. If all they're doing is data entry, that may not be an issue as company 1 can still open the file in premier and all the functions would still be there.

Hope I didn't just make things more confusing. ;-)
dbllpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Upgrade to 2011 for btoh (seperate licenses) and they can both access the company - YES

Need access at the same time?  Then install the QB server (free on the CD) on the machine hosting the company file.

(I support 8 versions of QB).
RickNCNAuthor Commented:
I found the answer on Intuit's support site. I assumed it would be a difficult answer to find at Intuit so I asked here first. Turns out I was completely wrong. It was one of the easiest answers to find. Here's the Intuit knowledgebase article on it:

Install multiple QuickBooks versions on one computer

Turns out you can install multiple VERSIONS of quickbooks on one PC and run them simultaneously.  A version is indicated by the year, usually, 2008, 2009, 2011, etc. Different EDITIONS on the other hand have other requirements. EDITIONS are: PRO, PREMIER, ENTERPRISE, etc.

So I have installed QB 2009 Premier contractor side by side with QB Pro 2008 and it is working fine today. The only problem that I worked through, a mention of which may help Windows 7 users is that I performed an update to R12 on a Win7 pc. After restarting QB, it tried to install the update. . I started getting :

Error 1310.Error writing to file: C:\Config.Msi\xxxxxx.tmp file
I thought it was a permissions problem. All I did was go to Windows Explorer, type the path:     C:\Config.Msi\           in the address bar. Windows notification that it's a protected directory comes up and asks to elevate permissions through UAC which I allowed (I don't know if that step was necessary or not). I then clicked "RETRY" on every window that came up. I had to do it about 40 or 50 times but eventually all files copied and it worked!

Rebooted PC and all was ok. So I answered my own question.
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RickNCNAuthor Commented:
stlinae - ok - I see what you are saying. From the way I asked the question your answer makes sense. But once I found the Intuit KB answer, I realized there was another path - to install two different versions of QB on each PC. SO, Company 2, employees 1 + 2 each have QB Pro 2008 AND QB Premier Contractor 2009 side by side, in different folders in Program Files. The two programs can run simultaneously on a PC and have Company1.qbw open in one and company2.qbw open in another. To me, that's a much better solution than having to upgrade to 2011 right now.
thought that was obvious and why no one posted it.
And that is a solution. Just be aware that Intuit will 'sunset' 2008 in May. That means no more phone support, no maintenance patches and no online features like payroll or online banking. You may be better off at least upgrading the 2008 to 2011, but that's just my opinion. You can look up Sunset on the Intuit sites for a full list a features that lose support.
RickNCNAuthor Commented:
excellent, thanks for the sunsetting info!
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