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User with Roaming profile from AD 2003 cannot open application on Remote Desktop Server 2008

I am having an issue running applications for users with roaming profiles on a new server running remote desktop 2008 R2 (formally Terminal Services). I get an error that says it is unable to create a specific folder in the 'C:\\Users\auser\appdata\roaming\new folder name''
I have looked and many forums have issues with users using Active Directory from 2003 and TS of 2008. However I could not find any fixes.

I can take that same user and remove the roaming profile path in AD and the application on RDP 2008 run fine. I do not understand what is causing this?
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The appdata folder is different in Windows 7 and Server 2008 than XP and 2003.  You need to implement a group policy on the 2008 server which will redirect the application data folder for the user profile and legacy application.

Review this technet article:
Exactly, which is why the schema updates are needed to support the group policy in the 2003 domain, as stated in my previous post.
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I am attempting to install the adprep as suggrested on my Windows 2003 32bit domain and I get an error message that reads that it is not a vaild Win 32 application.
Even though there should be no issues, I would recommend doing this during non-production hours, and insure you have backups in place beforehand.  As for the 32-bit version of adprep, that's found at:

The 64-bit version is just adprep.exe, which can only be run on 64-bit systems.
I will take your suggestion and run it after hours, however I am getting the same error running adprep32.exe
Are you using 2008 or 2008 R2?
2008 R2
I am downloading my license of 2008 SP2 32bit and try it. It will take a while to download from Microsoft.
Sounds good!  I should be around tonight if you run into any issues.

I am attempting to run the adprep.exe that is with the Windows server 2008 x86 edtion in the cmd propmt but I get an error that say the program is too big to fit into memory. any Ideas?
It sounds like you have a bad download of adprep.  Do you have another copy of 2008 x86 or 2008 R2 or ?  

Did you download the trial, or did you download from somewhere like eopen?
I downloaded the software from eopen.
Were you able to download it again?  I would try a different version, because I too have sometimes had troubles with the downloads from there.  

You could also try downloading the trial from here:

I am currently downloading the 2008 enterprise  trial from Microsoft. Still have about 1hr left to DL.
Awesome!  I'll stay tuned!
I am currently running adprep.exe /forestprep

It seems to be loading normally. Are there any other commands I need to run after that?
The install ran for a while and then ended on an error. I attached the log.
Also after further testing, my remote desktop for app error does work for some users and not for others. As far as I can see the users are all setup the same in AD. Wierd.
Ah HA. I noticed in the users' file on the domain, the login that is working properly has a ".v2" file folder in it. How did it get there, and how can I get it to work for the other users?
You should be logging on to the schema master as a member of the Enterprise Admins, Schema Admins, and Domain Admins groups.  Are you using an account that has all of these privileges?

Also, after running forestprep, you'll need to run adprep /domainprep.  This should be done AFTER replication of the previous changes has taken place.

One last thing to note is that these NEED to be ran from your domain's schema master.  Is this where you ran it from?  You can verify with this:
netdom query FSMO

Now, this FAILED issue looks to be caused by the LDIF.log being in use.  You could use something like Process Explorer to determine this.


Are you running AV?  If so, UNINSTALL it and reboot.  Also, you may want to disable any startup items not needed in msconfig.

BEFORE and AFTER running adprep, it's a good idea to verify AD functionality.
repadmin /replsum /bysrc /bydest /sort:delta (all DC's should show 0 in the error fields)

And verify inbound replication:
repadmin /showrepl

Once all this is in order, we can double-check your gpo's.  The .V2 is a good sign, since this is the new version of profiles used with Win 7/2008.
Just as some extra reading material, here is some info about the .V2 profiles and redirection to share data between V1 and V2.

Also, are you using your roaming profiles for Terminal Services only?  If so, you may look into lookback policy processing, depending on where and how your policy is applied in your structure.
After properly updating the DC on windows 2003 server to the schema from windows 2008 install I was able to use folder redirection for my roaming profiles.