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RPC over HTTPS SBS 2003

I'm having issues connecting to my SBS 2003's Exchange server through RPC over HTTPS.  We bought a certificate through Godaddy and imported it.  I've tested that I can go to and get to the OWA site.  Also, in the brwoser, my cert shows up and clearly reads that it's Godaddy and that the security principal is

I've set up my laptop with Outlook 2010 using the internal name of the SBS server, srv01.domain.local and a test mailbox user.  In the Exchange proxy, I'm using, checking every box, using NTLM and then  When I'm inside the network and connecting through Outlook using the internal name for the server, I can connect no problem.

Outside is my issue.  If I try to connect using the external address of the server,, I get responses that Exchange is unavailable.  Or, I may keep getting prompted to put in a username and password.  I'm not a part of the domain but even as not part of the domain, I can still connect using the internal address.  No DNS problem.  No port forwarding problem.  If I go to, I am brought to the SBS home page where you can access the Remote Web Workplace.  If I go to, I am brought to OWA.

I'm at a loss.  Is it possible that the SBS website is conflicting?
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Please visit and run the RPC over HTTPS test and post the results and that should highlight the issues with any luck.

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The above links are pointing right.  First installed the cert with your browser then configure RPC over HTTP in the outlook client.
You cannot use RPC over HTTP with a proxy automatic configuration script

Here is a link for the client:

Here is a link for the Server:

I hope this Help
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I ran the Exchange test site, which by the way, thanks because that'll come in handy for A LOT of other times.  It looks like the external address is blocking my IPs.  I enabled access to everyone.  I ran it again and there's a runtime error with port 6001.  I've checked that the Registry keys are correct, name resolution is correct, and I can telnet in on the external name on port 6001 which comes back ncacn_http/1.0
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I don't see the Connect to the Internet Wizard.  There's no Server Manager option on my Start menu.  This is SBS 2003.
Yes - You should have Server Management (sorry - got the name slightly wrong) at the top of the Start Menu.
Yeah, I don't know what they did with it, but it's not there.  Nor is it showing up as a snap-in with MMC.
This is a single server instance.  I noticed that on the server's properties dialog box, on the RPC-HTTP tab, the RPC-HTTP back end server option is chosen.  This is the RPC proxy server, so shouldn't this be the first choice - Not part of an Exchange managed RPC-HTTP topology.
The default is Not part of an Exchange managed RPC-HTTP topology.

So - if Server Management is missing - what else is messed up / missing?

Can you do the following please:

Start> Run {type} mmc /a {press enter}

File> Add/Remove Snap-In> Add Button> Add Small Business Server To Do List> Close> Ok

Select the To Do List and then click on Connect to the internet.
I have five options here:
activate your server
add additional client licesnes
add a printer
configure fax
configure backup

But no Connect to the Internet
You know, connecting internally with the internal FQDN bears no problem whatsoever.  Does that mean something?
But I can telnet into the external FQDN on port 6001, and telnet will bring me right through to the server and give me the ncacn_http/1.0
Okay - so you are missing:

View Security Best Practises
Connect to the Internet
Configure Remote Access
Add users and computers
Configure Monitoring

So half the items are missing.

What else doesn't work?
Everything else seems to work.  Althought we're not doing much here.
What Service Pack is Windows on and what Service pack is Exchange on?
Can you download and run the SBS 2003 Best Practises Analyzer please and report back any findings:
It's running SP2 on the OS and SP1 on the Exchange.  The scan came back with some things related to EDNS, offload checksums plus specifically for Exchange, only SP1 is insatlled.  Im' downloading SP2 and will install it when it's done.
OK, so this is odd.  I set up a profile inside their network using mymail.domain.local.  Like I said in the original post, that profile would connect.  It was getting through, the external FQDN, that failed.  The site is still failing on port 6001.  However, I'm outside their network now, and I tried using the same Outlook profile except putting in the address instead of mymail.domain.local.  The .com automatically resolved to .local.  And, I can connect and send and receive email.  Keep in mind, this is outside their network supposedly with the port 6001 problem.

What gives?
Once you have installed SP2 for Exchange, re-run the Connect To The Internet Wizard and then test again.
If I re-run the Wizard, will I have to be on-site?
No - you can do it remotely - you may lose connectivity but should be able to reconnect when it has finished running.
All my settings were correct.  The RPC Location Service was not starting.  Changed it to automatic and started the service.  Everything went through.