Cisco 861 Router, anyone have a sample config to get me started

We have 2 networks on site we want to be able to talk to each other.
 Wan side =  and Lan side =

We have 2 networks that I want to put this router between so I can communicate between.

Does anyoune have a config using nat that I can use for a starting point.

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Rick_at_ptscintiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
interface Fastethernet 4
    ip nat outside

interface Vlan 1
    ip nat inside

ip access-list extended matchall
 permit ip any any

ip nat source list matchall interface Fastethernet 4 overload

(this assumes FastEthernet 4 is public and Vlan 1 is private)
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

please show the blank config....
and I tell you the required commands!

Best regards,
Can you clarify a little more?

WAN (  <=========>  [[[((((())))]]] <=======>   LAN ( - Comptuers behind here

Are you just simply stating that you are working with two groups of computers (subnets) and want to put a router between them to they can communicate back and forth? Are you going to need a default route to the Internet?
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Istvan KalmarConnect With a Mentor Head of IT Security Division Commented:
ParadiseFoundAuthor Commented:
Robert - Yes we are just connecting 2 private networks together. Our internet goes to out pix and out.
You asked for an example with NAT, but if you are connecting 2 private networks then you typically wouldn't use NAT.

What kind of telecomm connection do you have between the two sites?  Which is end has the PIX on it?  

If you are connecting with MPLS the config will be real basic, but you will need a couple simple route statements to direct the traffic.
ParadiseFoundAuthor Commented:
The 2 networks are both local (actually 1 is on vlan 1001 and the other is vlan 10.

I have 2 switch ports set one with each vlan.
The router is always aware of locally connected networks, so you should be able to talk between them without doing anything else.  

You would need to assign the vlan to a port but it sound like you have already done this.  Do you have IP addresses set on the vlan interface?

interface vlan 1001
   ip address
   no shutdown

interface vlan 10
   ip address
   no shutdown

on your switch ports:

interface Fastethernet 1
   switchport access vlan 1
   no shutdown

RobertPartenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you need a router on a stick to route between these two subnets

I assume dot1q encapsulation

interface fa 0/0.10
encapsulation dot1q 10
ip address

interface fa 0/0.11
encapsulation do1q 1001
ip address

Essentially you have ONE link to the routers FA interface 0/0 and that will now have forwarding logic to route between VLAN's on the same physical connection.

Good luck.
Robert's comment is true if you are using a single interface on the router.  Since this is an 861 you should have enough ports to put the different networks on different physical ports.

If you are trying to have both networks on the same switching equipment then you will need to have the vlans built on the switches and trunking enabled on the uplink to the router.
As Rick stated, setup your VLANS on the switches and for each interface you want to use setup trunking. Routers DO NOT negotiate trunking so you will have to set the switchport interface on the switch to:

switchport mode trunk

For each interface apply the same commands as above replacing the interface numbers with the correct ones from your 861.
ParadiseFoundAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, I will try this after lunch and see what happens.
Murty KodukulaCommented:
i am also having similar issue.  i have two vlans configured with vlan 1 as and vlan 2 as197.100.100.0 and my wan side is  i would like to access the systems in vlan2  through vlan1's ip.  that is the requirement of my software.  can any one send me the sample config.

thaks in advance
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