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Register LinkPoint .dll file not working

I'm migrating a web server from a windows 2003 (32 bit) environment to a windows 2003 (64 bit) environment. I'm trying to build an exact copy of the box in regards to the .dll registrations. I'm running into a problem with my linkpoint dll registration.

I used regsvr32 to register the file "LpiCom_6_0.dll" however my test script can not create the object.

the error occurs on the first line. I have this exact same code running on the 32 bit server. I don't know if the problem is related to the change in servers from 32 bit to 64 bit, so I'm just adding that information as I thought it might be helpful.

' Create an empty order
Set LPorder = Server.CreateObject("LpiCom_6_0.LPOrderPart")
' Create an empty part
Set op = server.CreateObject("LpiCom_6_0.LPOrderPart")          
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I am not sure if linkpoint dlls will work at 64 bit environment..

Why dont you use WebService to process payments instead of dlls ?
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Sorry that isn't an option. Any work arounds to get this thing solved?

Do you also have the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll ?
No I don't can you point me where I can download those files. If I can find them online I'll post a link and try to install them.
Sorry - it took me so long to respond - I am not receiving emails due to my hosting provider.


I know I have the other file somewhere.  I did a search on my main computer and found libeay32.dll in a few folders (mainly in Adobe).  I'll look on my other system as well if you need them.

Also make sure you have:

in the same folder.
I also found - this might help.

These files do not need to be registered - just placed in the c:\windows\system32\ - you might need to restart IIS though.
I found the one that we used when I owned a hosting company:

Hopefully that might help
I just remembered a bit more re: this issue.

I would recommend contacting LinkPoint (First Data Global Gateway) support.  A few years back when I owned a hosting company, we had very bad luck when we upgraded to Windows 2003.  Come to find out, the dll was not supported.

Their agents / website tells you they are "ahead of the times" and processing like "the big boys", but in actuality, they are far behind the times when it comes to this technology.  

Back then, I knew a few of the developers and they gave me a DLL to register.  It was still in beta testing but having that was better than nothing.  It did work but I had to unregister some DLL and remove a few programs, then I had to register the DLL and then re-register the other DLLs and re-install those programs.

With the DLL you have - can you provide some more information on it (i.e. file version, product version, size)?
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It is my understanding that deleting this question will remove it from the database.  If this is the case, I recommend not deleting it - it will help others as well when searching on their favorite search engines.  Unfortunately, LinkPoint (now called First Data Global Gateway) was a great gateway but when First Data rebuilt the gateway, it caused numerous issues.

If the OP would like his points refunded, I have no objection to that.  I just would like to make sure that other people can see this question when problems arise from this gateway.