Adding RODC to Existing Server 2008 R2 Domain

I need to add a second RODC at a colocation and I'm wondering what the proper steps are as I've never had to add a second domain controller to a network before.

All the remote users are pointing to the PDC at  I'm going to add the RODC with DNS and DHCP leasing a subnet of to the colo network.  I've already joined the colo's workstations to the PDC, what do I need to do to have them point to the RODC? Do I do nothing? Do I just setup DHCP to point to the RODC for DNS?

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Are you treating your colo as a DR facility? If you are, or if it is only your second DC, I suggest you make it a full DC. Otherwise I am pretty sure that you will be in a world of hurt if your lose your one and only writeable DC. My guess is that if you lose all of your writable domain controllers and are unable to recover them that you will need to create a new domain/forest in order to move forward.

Since this is the first time you have had multiple domain controllers in multiple sites, you need to configure AD sites and services. Otherwise you will have some clients going over the WAN to connect to a DC instead of the local one. AD doesn't handle it for you automatically.
Make sure the new server has a static IP and its dns server setting is set on the network interface.
Just run through the steps for creating a domain controller normally, but instead of creating a new domain in a new forest, join an existing domain. Later on make sure you check the RODC check box, leave the dns and GC server boxes checked. After done and rebooted add a forward lookup zone (active directory integrated) to dns and make sure every one is set to use it as a secondary dns (dhcp etc)

I think thats it, might need to do an adprep /rodcprep at some stage

check here
DSM_22Author Commented:
This isn't a DR facility, but I like your points on redundancy so I will opt for a full domain controller role.

Do you have any tips or helpful links for setting up sites and services?
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This link is for Windows 2000, but I don't think that things have changed and there's a lot less to read
Darius GhassemCommented:
Here to add an additional Domain Controller follow this link.
DSM_22Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies guy.  Most points are awarded to kevinhsieh for experienced input.  The link to the M$ documentation on a second DC is the first thing I checked but I wanted some feedback from fellow experts :).
DSM_22Author Commented:
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