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Exporting SSRS report to Excel - Hidden rows are showing toggled sometimes?

I have looked at the EE question knowledge base but it doesn't look like this question is answered.  

I export a certain report to excel it has the +/- beside the toggled/hidden rows.  There is another report that has the same hidden toggled row trick and when I export it to excel it displays all of the rows with no +/-.  I have combed both reports and there seems to be no difference.   I am using SQL 2005.

Any ideas?
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Arno Koster
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If you see square buttons with + and - signs in excel, then the data most likely has been grouped.
You can remove these groupings by selecting the cells and press [Alt]-[Shift]-[Left]
It looks like this :

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Thanks. Sorry it has taken me a bit to respond, we were moving email providers.

But the problem is actually some reports export to excel grouped and some do not.  They are all grouped on the srs report.  How can I make them all export grouped?
Have you checked the reporting queries themselves ?
can you post a report source from a report that does export grouped and one that does not ?
Do you want the actual RDL files?
I'm not sure that I will be able to process these files, as currently I do not have SSRS installed (as a matter of fact, I have not used SSRS at all).
Are the contents of the RDL files structured like SQL queries ?
If so, posting the query would be very helpfull

All hell broke loose on the Email and some other server issues so I dropped this completely.  The CY_Calc shows expandable in excel but the sales MTD does not.

(Couldn't directly post RDL files, so rename the zip files to rdl and open them in notepad)
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Sorry, being the sole IT person here, I have been abused over the past few weeks.  I can respond and close.
When I remove the Week grouping then it just displays the rows and I want the expandable pieces on the excel side.  From your link,  it looks like SQL 2008 is the key not the 2005 that we are currently running.  Time for a backend upgrade.
Thanks for you help.