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SNMP Problems - Cisco Small Business swicth SF-300-08 and Cacti

Trying to add Cisco Small Business Swicth SF-300-08  to monitor in Cacti.
Added the device but getting error in Cacti SNMP error - that's it
I downloaded snmpwalk.exe and when I run snmpwalk.exe -Os -c public -v 2c and get Timeout: No Response from I verified firewall is wide open while I'm testing
What else could it be?
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Is snmp enabled on the switch?
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that was the firs thing I did, went to SNMP tab > Communities and create a public community that is used on Cacti
sorry im not familiar enough with cisco switches, does creating a public community enable snmp on the switch as well?
no, you need to enable the Traps first and then create a community
so what is the output of show snmp?
well I don't have a console access, but thru the GUI, under Services, I enabled the SNMP, Telnet, SSH so I can telnet but not getting a regular IOS CLI, only DOS-like menu with option to select, but it says SNMP is enabled
Mathi28, I would try if I had console access and see if I can get regular IOS CLI, telnet doesn't give me that options, but still GUI and that DOS-like telnet session with menus says SNMP is enabled and via GUI RO community string is set
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there is really no place in the GUI (like you have in ASDM or SDM) to click Save, it just saves it. Again, this is a Cisco's Small Business type of managed switch so not sure how much of regular Cisco IOS "rules" apply
sorry, I was wrong, there is a tint Save button, but that only lets you save from running config to start up config, but I didn't have to reboot so the changes should apply
so on the telnet session to it when can you do a show run? to see what the running config says?
alright guys, it's working :-) found the save button and saved it to startup-config and can do snmpwalk
I will assign the points for 34918163 - sorry for the delay