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SharePoint Server Design Help

Im having some issues on changing a logo on a portion of a page. See attached.

I can change Logo 2 with no problems but I cant change Logo 1.  Im not sure what file that would be located.  Logo 2 I can change just by editing the web part of the the page itself (category.aspx) but I cant figure out what file Logo 1 would be on.  It seems to be like a header or something. User generated image
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I'm running a sharepoint team site, and the upper left most graphic is called titlegraphic.gif, located at:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\IMAGES

If you right click the graphic and choose Save Picture As... you'll see the default name of the intended graphic.  Search for this file on your server.

As for which source file contains the href to the graphic, not sure--do a text search against the files for this entry, maybe?
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Ok. Can you change the location of this file??
The immediate, almost effortless method would be to replace the original file with your intended file, renaming the intended file to titlegraphic.gif, and placed in the above mentioned path.

To relocate the file, you'd have to search for any/all files containing the path.  Whether or not this'd work, I don't know.  In theory, if you are able to change ALL locations that contain reference to that path, it should.  Keep in mind though, if the source path is anything like a variable that's used for the location of all the image files contained, you'd have to duplicate all the images into your relocated path.  This type of re-engineering is probably not the best way to approach this, since any future updates/releases may set you back to default, requiring a re-engineering again.

This is all in theory, I haven't done this before and don't know enough about the ins and outs of pathing within MSS.

When searching for the text string, I'm not sure that using the builtin Windows Search utility would be thorough--indexing may not include all file types.  I'd probably use FIND or TS command line utilities to search.
Reason why I ask is because I have users from another domain looking at this site and they are not able to see Logo 1.
I went to the location that you stated above and found the file that you called it but it isnt the same logo as what I see.  I believe this has been changed somewhere else in the code and I cant find the file.
On your own site, where you CAN see the logo in question, right click it in the web browser and choose save picture as.  The name will be autopopulated on the save request--so this give you the name of the file that's being used.

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