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Issues with Exchange 2003sbs receiving

I have a site that cannot receive emails.  It's running SBS2003 and their combined data store siizes are 32gb.  Safe to assume that this is the issue?

I've had them clean out their outlooks but need to run a maintenance on the databases to flush them.  Can anyone direct me?
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Are all their services started?  Are the mailstores mounted?

Has the database hit a limit and has dismounted as a result?

Is port 25 open and forwarded happily on their router / firewall?

Can you visit and test port 25 please - do you see SUCCESS?

Any Application Event Log Errors for the MSExchangeIS?
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Services are started (system attendant) they can send and receive internally and can send externally but not receive.

The combined database sizes report back at 35215 mb.

Port 25 shows success.

Following error repeats in event log:
Failed to create a new named property for database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (SERVER)" because the number of named properties reached the quota limit (8192).
 User attempting to create the named property: "Administrator"
 Named property GUID: 00020386-0000-0000-c000-000000000046
 Named property name/id: "X-corporatepages-MailScanner"
Okay - please check your IP Address is what you think it is!

Then check your MX records point to the IP Address from whatismyip on
Hi I don't believe that the 32GB is the problem. Firstly the default limit for 2003 Exchange was 18GB and this can be increased with a registry edit and installing SP2 for Exchange.

Please check if your running Exchange 2003 SP2 and then go here Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2 Database Size Fix and apply the registry edit if you haven't done so yet.

Next we'll need to check if your Exchange Services are still running under services.msc
Whatismyip reports back correctly

MX record shows as Even though there is an MX entry in GoDaddys DNS table for them.
Hi creativenetworks

Please see this fix here
This is caused by too many named headers from emails. I would suggest you double it and then if it happens again in the future look into what is causing all these Mail Headers.
found that the @ record in Godaddy DNs table was not defined.  once I added it and rechecked, it reported back correctly and they are receiving emails.

Is there another issue with too many named headers based on my earlier info?  I thought maybe they had maxed on their database size and they are throwing away old emails, etc.
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Glad the GoDaddy issue is resolved.  MX's are one of the usual culprits.
Well I thought I had this issue resolved, but was just notified that they cannot receive email again.

I checked the and it is resolving correctly.  Any ideas?

Did you try my suggestion about increasing the quota limit?
Not yet.  I tried to reboot the server remotely and it has not come up.  I'm assuming that something is amiss and will post again tomorrow after a (hopefully successful) reboot.
Server rebooted this morning and we are able to send but not receive.  Database is mounted and port 25 is open.
It was a DNS issue which I'll address under a separate post.  I did run the fixes above and the errors ceases in the error log with regard to size limitations.