Adobe Acrobat 10 closes automatically when trying to print.

Whenever a user tries to print a pdf, Acrobat closes iteslf.
Also, after opening the print menu, he is not able to view the "print setting" nor the "Properties.
Tried to tick "print as Image" in the "Advanced" tab, but to no avail.

The platform is Win Xp.

Anybody has any idea?

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ServerManagementTeamConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

In the end I found out the issue was related to the user profile. recreating the profile actually fixed this issue and the user can now print and access setup and properties correctly.

Thanks for your wuick response though.

NoduzzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what is the default printer?  I would reinstall the driver for that printer.
ServerManagementTeamAuthor Commented:
Came around the solution by myself. Noduzz assisted in the troubleshooting.
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