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Unable to remove ISA 2004 Firewall Client from Windows 7 Pro x64

Installed ISA Firewall Client from MS KB 929556 on Windows 7 Pro x64. Things fine at first. I suspected a problem, so I want to uninstall, but uninstaller gives me message, "Firewall Client cannot be installed on computers running a 64-bit Windows operating system." Is there a documented way to manually uninistall I haven't found yet?
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Never heard of that message - will investigate.
You can try this link to see if you can remove it following this guide

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Computer is out of office at the moment, so I haven't been able to try this.
No problem :)
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility is no longer available from Microsoft, so not sure I can do that at this time.

The problem I was trying to resolve by reinstall is that the proxy settings that were handed out by ISA are stuck on. So, when offsite, cannot access web with IE because it can't reach the proxy server. I've removed proxy settings (because with Firewall Client, it's not needed) from Firewall Client config of ISA server and browser configuration is enabled on client, but it won't update to remove proxy. Should I start a new question for this specifically? It's in the plans to replace ISA with another device in the next few months, so I will need to remove it eventually.
Sulimanw, checked wpad setup and found wpad in DNS as A record. Removed and created CNAME with FQDN. Will see if this changes anything.

Will likely start case with Microsoft on uninstall issue.
Update -
Working with Microsoft support on this. Checking msiinstaller logs from uninstall attempt, version shows 4.0.3440 (which is the older version of Firewall Client running on XP computers and not supported on Windows 7) rather than 4.0.3442.654 that the client shows on General tab of configuration. That older version was likely attempted to be installed by GPO before a WMI filter was put in place to keep it from installing on Windows 7, and is likely the cause of the problem. If that's true, this will only affect pre-filter clients, but I haven't been able to verify that yet.
I have found this problem caused by installing version 4.0.3442.654 over 4.0.3440. I was able to uninstall from a Windows 7 x64 computer that only had the older version installed by GPO. Because I removed it first, I was able to install the new version and have no problems with it.

I am still working with Microsoft Support to figure out how to uninstall on the affected computers.
Last comment was on the 11th April, 5 days ago so please leave it alone. Np point PAQ'ing it until the results from the MS investigation are given.
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Have worked on removal with Microsoft. Up front, they told me they didn't have a solution, but called it a workaround to try manual removal. We removed all registry keys (or just the values in a few instances) where "Firewall Client" was found. On reboot, system would not come up normally. Had to boot into safe mode and use system restore to restore point I created right before we started to get system back up. At this point, because I have found my own workaround to resolve the symptoms, I will stop working on this.

To recap:
When users out of office, unable to use IE because proxy was stuck on. Turned proxy setting off in firewall client config in ISA, but didn't update. Logged in as another user (administrator in this instance) and FWC settings updated and were still correct when going back as original user, taking care of the symptom. Wanted to uninstall FWC and reinstall but got message that 64-bit is not supported at uninstall. Client and Programs and features show version 4.0.3442, but event logs from unisntall show version 4.0.3440. Systems were, for a while, in the scope of a GPO that pushes out version 4.0.3440, which I know does not support 64-bit. In trying to duplicate this, all I get in trying to push the old version out is a RSOP telling me it can't install on 64-bit, so I don't know how this even happened in the first place. Worked with Micsrosoft support on manual removal, but computer would not boot. With symptoms resolved, will leave it how it is and disable from starting when it is no longer needed.