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How can I stop "Undo" across multiple spreadsheets?

When I am working between multiple separate workbooks in Excel 2010, Undo will work backwards across all of the workbooks that I have open.  How do I get the Undo function to work only on the workbooks that I am currently in?  Noticed this is not a problem in Word 2010 only Excel 2010 nor does it happen in Office 2003 (I don't know about 2007).  
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I don't think that happens to me, and I don't see an option to set or unset. Try running Excel in Safe Mode (no addins) to see if an add-in is causing the issue. ... Thinkpads_User
I looked again through all the options. Try doing an Office Repair. From Control Panel -> Add/Remove | Programs/Features -> Select Office -> Change and then repair.  ... Thinkpads_User
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Good tip...

Or you can just run Excel from the start menu as many times as you want instances.  At least that's how my setup works


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Thanks Michael,  I'll look into those.  They mostly seem to be for older versions of Office not 2010 so some modifications will have to be made unless we find a 2010 solution.
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For some reason it's not working for me.  The download for the msi just opens a text file and the one with the zip is not installing a program on my PC to select for step 2 in his directions.  I'm using winXP.
The file has been posted as "Install_runExcel.msi.txt" and so you need to remove the .txt

You may need to display hidden file extensions