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CSS sub menu on existing code

I need to create a seb menu on  two on the menu items on this page:

I am not exactly sure how to incorporate this with the current menu. Even though this is in Wordpress the menu is hard coded.

How do I add a drop down on the contat menu item?
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If you have no access to the source of the menu so you could alter it, then a workaround would be using javascript, but that isn't the best way. I'm not sure, but such an advanced platform like WordPress should have ability to edit such a simple thing. If not - I suggest moving your site somewhere where you have access to any part of it.
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Honestly we ca ignore that it is in wordpress. I just need to be able to add a drop down nav to part of the menu. I have complete access to the source.
Try to search the web for "css drop down menu". Luckily your menu is already based on an unordered list (HTML UL tag) which is a base of most drop down menus, you'll then add some second level UL and CSS for them and you now have a drop down menu. Please make sure you remove "overflow-x/y: hidden" from your current menu root (UL tag) as your dropdown menu will be hidden otherwise.

I've reviewed one of tutorials here and it looks clear to me.
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To use this along-side your current menu, don't replace the code as I suggested in the article. Just add it and use the css to control the positioning. Use the WP Nav feature to add your new menu so you can control the pages.
I am a little confused. So I only need a drop down on one part of the menu. the proceedures.
here is the site:
Here is were I am trying to add the drop down.