Xenapp 6 Filtering Options for Worker Group Load Balancing Policies

Two-part Question:
1. Does Xenapp 6 Enterprise Edition give you access to Load Balancing Policies or is it only Platinum? -- and in case I'm asking for the wrong thing by "Load Balancing Policies" I am wanting to use Load Balancing filters so that users are restricted to certain Worker Groups based upon the Web Interface they connect in to (we have 2 WI in separate data center locations).
2. I'd like a list of all the filtering options you can use to filter which Worker Group a user will connect to when getting an application.
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CadrePro1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to get to LB Policies with the Enterprise version.

For your second question, try this article http://support.citrix.com/article/ctx124481

Page 3 starts with a Worker Group Overview, page 12 for LB policies and page 15 for filtering .

Hope this helps.
broussardgroupAuthor Commented:
CadrePro1 thanks for the response.

Re: 2nd question, while it does say it can filter Worker Groups similar to how Zone Preference worked -- as I stated in my question I need a list of what filtering methods are available.  The example in the article only covers one possible filter -- by IP -- but I cannot do that in my situation as 90% of our users are roaming.  So I am wanting a list of all the possible ways you can filter Load Balancing Policies to see if one will work for me then I will upgrade to Enterprise.  I'm hoping maybe you are already running XenApp 6 Enterprise/Platinum and could jot those down for me?
broussardgroupAuthor Commented:
I got an eval of Enterprise and after installing found that the filtering options for the Load Balancing Policies are: Access Control, Client IP, Client Name, and Users.
broussardgroupAuthor Commented:
As stated in the original question I needed to know what the filtering options were so I had to install teh Enterprise Eval to get the answer.  I thank Cadre for his help.
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