how to create vlan on cisco 3600 router series (for my GNS3 LAB)

Hi there,

I am trying to test the VLAN for my CCNA study in GNS3 . I use 16switch port module (NM-16ESW) in 3640 router.

but i can't create any VLAN or the router doesn't seems to support any switchport command.

Am i using the wrong ios image? which version do i need i use?

I am using the c3640-ik9s-mz.124-1c.bin.

Thanks in advance.
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Ernie BeekConnect With a Mentor ExpertCommented:
Blindhog has some good articles on the:
jmeggersSr. Network and Security EngineerCommented:
WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
a 3725 would have vlan configuration closer to how configured on a switch
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