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SonicWall Viewpoint 6 SP2 adjust daily reports schedule

I would like to change the default time for a couple of Daily Reports i have setup, however, I am having some difficulty locating exactly where to make the change.
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Thanks for the quick reply, however, I used that very KB article to setup the reports. What I am looking to modify is the default time that the daily report runs, which i believe is 03:00 Local time. I cannot seem to locate where to modify this time for a Daily Report.
i understand.  login to viewpoint and click the Console tab at the top.  on the left, go to reports > scheduled reports.  on the right, you'll see your report and can modify when the report goes out.
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um, so you didn't find it where i guided you in my recommendation?  http:#a34918225
Unfortunately, not from that page , you are only allowed to view schedules but not to modify them. You can also modify the reports themselves but it does not include modifying the time the reports are sent out. You can also generate a one time report by date.  thanks!  i didn't realize that information wasn't correct.  you should have said something.
No, thankyou for your input. This is a great site for us all to exchange tips and help each other out. Don't worry, i'll be back with more questions that i'm sure you can solve for me. :)
sure...just feel bad that you were left hanging.
I had been searching the manuals for Viewpoint and SonicWall's KB to no avail. Trial and error was the solution for this topic.