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I've got a colleague at work with a problem on her laptop. Anyhoo, I've wiped it, reinstalled etc. She has a USB modem, 8 years old, AOL, and I'm struggling getting her reconnected. I haven't been to her house, so I cannot see the exact problem.
So, simple fix I thought, lend her a router and she can use a network cable.
Struggling to find if the settings in a router are any different to other ISPs.
Is AOL any different?
I've heard that the username and password are not the same as she uses to get on AOL.
Also heard router need'' after username.
Any guidance to this final hurdle? Cheers
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in the uk, the username is normally the home phone number @ and the password is set by AOL.  this is the same username and password as used with the USB modem and Windows dial-up networking (yup - that's how AOL still do it).

give them a call (indian call centre) and tell them what you want to do and they will give you a username and password.  you will need the bill payers permission etc and the password for the account.
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, I hope you're okay with the points split.
Two options there for username password, but we'll try it tonight.
Thanks again
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