2 x SBS Servers/POP3

We've started to work with a new client. Unfortunately we have inherited a rather bad network setup.

There are two sites - each with an SBS 2003 server. Email is hosted with an external company and retrieved by each SBS via pop connectors. For the second site a sub domain has been created so this email system works as it should.

The client is planning to change the network setup at the end of the year but we are currently doing some work to try and get to that stage.

The client wants to remove the third party email hosting company altogether.

I thought this seemed possible - can't we just point the MX records of the domain and sub domain towards each single office?

How would that work?

If someone sends an email to user1@maindomain.com then the MX record will tell it to go to the main site.

If someone sends an email to user2@maindomain.com but the user is actually at user2@subdomain.maindomain.com how will the DNS know to send to the second site?
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fcontrepoisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the DNS will just check the domain, then send the info to the main site, the main site will have a redirect to forward the mail to user2@subdomain.maindomain.com without saving it (check mail flow for the user)

on the DNS you need to set an MX for maindomain.com and one for subdomain.maindomain.com
Rob WilliamsCommented:
SBS does not handle subdomains, Exchange standard will.
carrgater31Author Commented:
I  suppose an option is to be join the two offices together in a site to site VPN and have mail delivered to server at head office.

The clients at the remote office can use Outlook in cached mode to pull the email through..
Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do so but you have to be careful. You cannot have 2 SBS servers on the same network segment, however with a VPN that is OK as they will not be.
SBS also does not support trusts, so you cannot have automatic authentication for users on the remote network.

Having said that SBS can receive e-mail in your case for all users, or even receive e-mail for multiple domains. It is common to have SBS and a multi-site group of users. The remote users can use the VPN or rpc/http. Users can also access remote resources with mapped drives over the VPN but will have to provide cedentials for the hosting server.

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