ISA 2006 on Hyper-V


I have a perfectly good guest installation of ISA 2006 Server on my Hyper-V server and would like opinions on the security of this setup please.

Server setup - Windows 2008 Hyper-V Server host system with 4 NIC's:

NIC 1 and NIC 2 are connected to the LAN with internal IP addresses.  These are used for a number of guest servers running on the Hyper-V server.
NIC 3 is connected to the DMZ port on the Juniper Firewall (the main hardware firewall) with a DMZ IP address.  This NIC is used by the ISA Server guest only.
NIC 4 is connected to the internal LAN with an internal IP address.  This NIC is used by the ISA Server only.

Network setup:

Internet -->  Juniper Firewall Untrust port (main hardware firewall) --> Juniper Policy directs traffic to the DMZ port on the Juniper Firewall --> DMZ NIC of Hyper-V guest ISA Server --> ISA Server policy --> internal LAN NIC of Hyper-V guest ISA Server --> internal LAN

Basically, I know that this setup is secure if the ISA Server were to be a stand alone server / member server (ie: not hosted on Hyper-V).  But I need to know if the other guest servers on the Hyper-V server are secure, because the ISA Server is also a guest on the same Hyper-V host server.

The ISA Server is used mainly for OWA Publishing and VPN Access.

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pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Virtualize your ISA or Forefront TMG servers (Jim Harrison)
Chapter 3 seems relevant to your needs, check it out.
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
Obviusely, the physical host machine could not be secured with ISA, as a result VHD files ( VMs Virtual hard disks) will not be secured too, which may effect these VMs if someone grant access (hack) your physical server.

For gust VMs as long as the VMs accessed the internet throw ISA server they are secured by ISA server.
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Totallydown to your connections but as you have described it, it is secure and supported.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Win some lose some :)
Win what? lose what?
I thought Jim says they same thing as those documents.  Some people just like to see it as a video :-)
Aw,..I see,..he gave me the point,...I didn't know he did that.
Pifco1Author Commented:
I can select whichever answer I find most useful to my question, thanks.

But if you have to know the reason:
pwindell sent the link with the video, this was a good video, I enjoyed watching it, however on the link he sent was also this:

See KB article 957006 which states ISA (and other) products are officially supported on Hyper-V.

Which in turn directs you to a MS Technet article on:

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server
Microsoft ISA Server is supported. For more information about support for ISA Server, visit the following Microsoft website:

So that answered my initial question:

But I need to know if the other guest servers on the Hyper-V server are secure, because the ISA Server is also a guest on the same Hyper-V host server.
Jim deals with that later toward the end of the video when dscussing the unbinding and the diabling of Nics.  In the end the only nic that needs to be enabled and have TCP/IP bound to it would be the Hyper-V Management interface on the Management Network that does not even physically touch any other LAN.  That is too much over-kill for me personally, but it definately gets the job done.  You just have to make sure that all your Virtual Switches and Virtual Networks with Hyper-V are correctly configure before you start unbinding TCP/IP and disabling the Physical Nics.
If it were me I would probably only do that with the External Nic and leave the others alone,...then again I might just give the External Nic a bogus IP# that would not "work" and forget it.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Your question, your points to do with as you wish.
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