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I have a program that builds web pages with links to a lot of .pdf files. This works just fine with one exeption. Some of the documents open and I see the bottom of the first page of the pdf rather than the top. Since many of the pdf's only have text in the top half I often see a blank screen and manually have to scroll to the top of the page after the pdf is displayed. Is there any way I can force the pdf to open from the top of the page?
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AnilConnect With a Mentor Data ManagerCommented:
Ok. Sorry I thought you were using acrobat reader to open the pdfs. So you are using the acrobat plugin within a browser to view the pdfs.

Try looking at page 8.

just tried:

but does not seem to work for me in Google Chrome.

What browser and Acrobat plugin version are you using?

AnilData ManagerCommented:
You could force options onto acrobat using command line. Then all pdfs would open the same way.

Pages 4 onwards give the various options.

IVerEAuthor Commented:
Yes, but I don't think I can do that using a hyperlink in a HTML file. Or at least I don't know how...

http://web/file001.pdf /A "page=1"
doesn't work.
AnilData ManagerCommented:
Works in Internet explorer 8.
What your results ?
IVerEAuthor Commented:
Using IE9 and it works fine.


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