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Quite a few questions about SharePoint 2010

Okay, so there are quite a few things I want to ask and a problem that I want to solve. Sorry for this wall of text. By the way, this is SharePoint 2010.

Now, for the first thing, the problem. I have a workflow that based on a new List item being created, it creates a Discussion Thread and also a new file (want to change it to folder, but that's in a bit). Now, it creates these things fine with no problem, and in the workflow I have it so that it takes the links of those newly created items and puts it into the list. The link extraction doesn't work right away, but works if I re-create the item to run the workflow again. I would assume this is because it's completing the workflow too fast and I need to pause it, but when I add a pause after the creation of the items for .10 minutes - or even 1 minute - it doesn't resume. I have no clue what is going on there at all.

Now for my questions.
1) As explained above, I have the URLs looked up in my list and put into the list in a certain field. The only thing with this is it actually links to the full directory. For example: /Main Site/Subsite/Lists/Team Discussion/Project 4. Is there a way I can change it so the link works like that, but just says 'Discussion' in the field? -- This applies for a Document Library too.

2) Is there a way to fill a field in with a color in a list? Say for this project list, I have a project that is behind schedule, I wanted a field for that row to show the color Red. That way it visually attracts the person that sees it and notices crap, something is wrong. - This I've had major problems working with. I can't use JQuery, and SPD for some reason isn't working correctly.

3) How can I make it so the workflow works every time I create an item in this list? So far if I want it to run every time, I have to re-publish it through SPD.

4) With the workflow, I have it so it automatically creates a document in a Document Library. Only thing is I want it to actually be a folder, not a random document. Is there a way to specify that?

5) Is there a way with the workflow to delete a Discussion Thread if an item from a List is deleted? So, "If 'Project 5' is deleted, delete Discussion Thread 'Project 5'". Same with Doc Libs. ---- Got mostly working. The only thing I need to do now is set it up so that the workflow automatically associates the Project List Item ID with the Discussion Thread ID. Right now, when I create a new item in the list, it creates it with a certain ID, as should. The only difference is in the Thread, you have to actually edit the thread and change the ID manually. I tried to look up something in the workflow while creating the thread, but it doesn't allow me to select the ID column in the Discussion Thread area.

6) Lastly, how do I change the Quick Launch menu per page? Say, if I click on a certain  page, I want to have sub-pages for that linked in the Quick Launch part

Very sorry for the huge wall of text. I really am.

Thanks for your help everyone.
1 Solution
Quite a long post : )

First question - you are inputing it to a hyperlink field or a text field. If hyperlink then you need to put it in the following format:
fullUrl, Description

for ex.:, This is a link
NOTE: There is a space after the coma.
If this is a text field then it's not possible. If it's a rich text box then add it as an HTML code <(<a href="link">Description</a>

Second question - you can do it in two ways - SPD, calculated columns or custom solution that adds colors to the list. The first solution is real pain in SPD 2010 so i do not recommend it - it crashes too often. Second solution - see here (it will require some SPD, but not so extensively so maybe it won't crash)

3rd - You have something messed up in your environment. See the SharePoint logs, verify you are not using the app pool acount to create items and deploy workflow

4th - Not in SPD, sorry,  

5th - i think thisis the only option

6 th you can't - it's per site only

As for the workflow - you are going to hit a wall sooner or later, so best to start looking for some third party solution
ITimagingAuthor Commented:
Very sorry. I had a feeling like that. This will never happen again.

Thanks for the help too, DB.
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