pxe boot server

i want to set debian machine as a pxe boot server for my windows enviorment
i install tftp on debian and i know that i need to configure my windows server 2008 dhcp to work with pxe booting

how do i do that?
if you can tell me step by step instruction it will be most helpfull
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pmasottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you have to do is leave the Windows DHCP Server w/o changes and implement a "proxy DHCP" on Debian.
A "Proxy Dhcp" does not assign IPs; it just only sends a complementary DHCP packet telling the PXE client where the TFTP server is located and which one is the boot file to retrieve.
You can implement a proxy DHCP with dnsmasq see the man page

Setting this provides a prompt to be displayed after PXE boot. If the timeout is given then after the timeout has elapsed with no keyboard input, the first available menu option will be automatically executed. If the timeout is zero then the first available menu item will be executed immediately. If pxe-prompt is ommitted the system will wait for user input if there are multiple items in the menu, but boot immediately if there is only one. See pxe-service for details of menu items.
Dnsmasq supports PXE "proxy-DHCP", in this case another DHCP server on the network is responsible for allocating IP addresses, and dnsmasq simply provides the information given in pxe-prompt and pxe-service to allow netbooting. This mode is enabled using the proxy keyword in dhcp-range.


if you want a quick windows PXE server (including proxy DHCP) try Serva32/64
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
In the scope options you need to define a few extra options:

060 PXEclient with value: PXEClient
066 Boot server host name with value: x.x.x.x (ip address of your bootserver)
067 bootfile name with value: boot\x86\boot.com (the path to the bootfile on your system, this is an example).
ywainbergAuthor Commented:
1. i don't have option 060 PXE client
2.067 bootfile name -i need to give a linux path like : debian-server/srv/tftp/images ?
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
1. Did you also check under server options to add it there?
2. The path without the server name (you allready defined that) and with the boot image name so like: srv/tftp/images/image.name
ywainbergAuthor Commented:
when i try to add a value to the 060 string that i created ,it doesn't allow me to give PXE client value it ask me to give a numeric value
ywainbergAuthor Commented:
not a detailed answer but a suitable solution
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