Finding or Resetting WEP access code

I have a customer that has one laptop that is connecting to their wireless network. When I look at the wireless properties and click the security tab the network security key is masked and the show characters is grayed out. The laptop is running Vista Home Premium. The wireless router is a watchguard edge firebox model # XP2E6W. Can anyone give me advice on how to find the network security key, nobody at my clients site has a clue as to what it is.
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TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
The term factory-default settings refers to the configuration on the Firebox® X Edge when you first receive it—before you make changes to
the configuration file. The default network and configuration properties for the Firebox X Edge are as follows:
Trusted network
 -  The default IP address for the trusted network is The subnet mask for the trusted network is

 The Firebox X Edge is configured to give IP addresses to computers on the trusted network through DHCP. You can also
give static addresses to computers in the trusted network with IP addresses in the– range.

The Edge administrator account is set to the default user name of “admin” and the default passphrase of “admin”. When you
connect to the Edge, the Quick Setup Wizard includes a dialog box for you to set the administrator account user name and
passphrase. After you complete the Quick Setup Wizard, you must use the user name and password that you selected to see
the configuration pages.

 -  The Firebox X Edge is set up with a local log file and for local management only.
You will need to login to the watchguard box and you should either be able to see the WEP or reset it to something new.  
pbelang11Author Commented:
How do I login into the watchguard box?
find out what the ip address of the box is and then go to its ip using https.

ie, if the ip of the box is enter into your browser. It will ask you for a username/password.

The other alternative is to download one of the various wep password crackers and use that, ie
run a "route print" in the windows shell (start cmd on run)

this gives you your ip. Usually the router is accessible at .1

so if your ip is e.g. the router is

The use to access the router start page.

If all information is lost (a wep crack will not help to break into the router, for obvious reasons) each router comes with a full-reset button, check manual for that.-

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