Microsoft Excel 2010 Locks Up when using 2003 spreadsheets

I have several users that when they use their Microsoft Excel 2010 (opening older Excel 2003 spreadsheets)  the program will hang and have to be forced down.  This is on 6 different machines.

Ususally this is right after printing a sheet.
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patrickabConnect With a Mentor Commented:

SaveAs the Excel2003 file as an Excel2010 file and then print what you want.

Try this and see if it helps:
Excel -> Tools -> Options - >General Tab -> Check Ignore other applications. Then restart excel. And now UnCheck Ignore other applications

You can set Excel to 'ignore other applications', i.e. not listen to DDE-requests. And as Explorer uses those to tell Excel what file to open, Excel doesn't open any file, but just sits there.

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