Server 2008 backup, how to spit output of batch file to .txt for a log?

The only way to backup over a LAN on server 2008 nativley on a schedule is to have it run as a task. So every day at midnight my server runs a batch file that starts the backup.

My questions is can I have the output of this process put in a .txt file automatically?

All of my other servers are server 2003 and they use NT Backup. It spits out a nice log that goes into a folder that I review everyday.

It would be nice to know what's actually going on.
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rdhoore108Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure what you are starting exactly in your .cmd file (or .bat file), but you should be able to redirect the output of whatever command you are running inside the batch script to a .txt or .log file by using the ">" sign (or >> to append to an existing file).

For example, to capture the output of a dir command:
dir > mydir.txt

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To capture all output from all commands at once, you could instead add the output redirection to where you call the batch script in your scheduled job (instead of adding it on each line in the batch script). For example, use the following to call your script from your scheduled task:

cmd.exe /c myscript.cmd > c:\log\mylog.txt

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Or did I misunderstand your question?
If you open Windows Server Backup you can see on the 1st page if the backup is ok or not
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