what is the best way to display 8 + monitors?

hello everyone. i was wondering what the best way to display 8 monitors would be?
i have a 46" tv, a 37", and 6 'regular' monitors (the old dell ones, nothing fancy).
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Do you mean that you want to clone one pc's screen on 7 more screens?

Or do you want 8 different desktops from one pc?
For the first, you probably need an 8-port VGA splitter (you can google that), provided your TV also has a VGA input.
chriselibamaAuthor Commented:
i want 8 different desktops
with hdmi on the tvs
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Either 4 dual head video cards or 2 quad head cards, depending on how many expansion slots the motherboard has open.
chriselibamaAuthor Commented:
see, what i (perhaps foolishly) have right now is an ati radeon 5770 with the two hdmi's, 2 usb-hdmi/dvi/vga connectors for two monitors, and 2 crappy non-SLI nvidia cards which are supporting the other 4 regular dell monitors.
i have another question open for the lag (which i have a dedicated person helping me with!!) but i wanted to see what would be the best bet...i am starting to really believe that nvidia and ati dont play well with others...
When I build systems for multiple monitors, or modify up a pre-existing system, I always make sure all the cards use the same driver. I found found using video cards from different manufactures to be problemmatic. I usually prefer Nvidia cards as I have found the nvidia control panel alot easier to use then the catalyst control center.
chriselibamaAuthor Commented:
do you think im screwed regarding the multiple gpus from different manufacturers // should i get different ones?
Personally I would. But the first thing I would do is get rid of the 2 usb adapters. The usb adapters use system resources(cpu, and system memory) and can slow a system down and they usually lag horribly. I would replace them with a video card either ATI or Nvidia depending on which you prefer if you end up needing to switch to 1 manufacture. I have suggested using usb adapters in the past but only as a last resort and usually on laptops, but after actually using one myself I tend to stay away. There are some usb adapters from EVGA that have thier own memory but still use the systems cpu using a virtual driver.
chriselibamaAuthor Commented:
regarding the usb ones,
i have them bxc my mobo is filled by the 3 gpus...i would not have done so if i didnt need to..
but i have plenty of system resources and ram to spare...
6 gb tri channel ram, (probably going to get more in a while)
i7 920 processor.
what video card would you recommend after taking into account the limitations of the motherboard (in terms of slot availability)...
how could i support the monitors with limited mobo space?
Well there are some matrox cards designed for up to 16 displays you could look into, that way you would only have 1 card in there, other options would be be to get something such as two 4670x2's though it gets a bit expensive either way. On a plus side depending on how you have your 8 monitors set up with the ATI cards you can do eyefinity for gaming
chriselibamaAuthor Commented:
how does the eyefinity work...ive read about it ,but idk if it would be compatible with my system...
EVGA X58 SLI LE Intel X58 Socket LGA1366 is the brand of my mobo...

eyefinity is for gaming what it does it make your computer see the 8 monitors as a single montior for a game, so lets say you have 3 1080p monitors side by side, you would set the game resolution to 5760x1080, therefore the game would show as much as possible across the three screens, showing more then its normally shown
chriselibamaAuthor Commented:
my setup is a little ... different...
in the pic i also have 2 more monitors stacked on the right side.

i dont think the eyefinity would do what i need it to do with this current setup would it? pic
no eyefinity probably wouldnt do well on that, but you could still use the dual x2 gfx cards as each one comes with 4 dvi ports
Eyefinity stretches a large resolution across multiple screens, it requires many of the monitors to have displayport or you have to use expensive active displayport adapters. If you want independent monitors eyefinity is not the way to go. You could do 8 monitor with 3 video cards by removing 1 of the current dual display cards and replacing it with a quad display card, there's a few available on newegg.
Nice setup btw. I run 4 displays on my system(3 monitors and a 40" tv all @ 1080p)

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chriselibamaAuthor Commented:
haha thanks...its nice to hear that from another computer connoisseur.
i like the idea of quad display cards...
now are the ones you linked me to going to be compatible with the ati radeon 5770 that i currently have?
also an option of the eyefinity 6 cards like the 5870 (which dont have to be doing eyefinity) that has 6 minidisplay ports and comes with adapters for all kinds of connections, then keeping his 5770 for the other two monitors, that way there is only ati drivers no nvidia ones.
The 4670x2 and 3450 definitely are.
the radeon hd ones, yes
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