Whats the best way to handle Iphones on Exchange 2007.

Is there a way to set up a group on AD.  I dont want to go through all users on exchange and disable activie sync, we have 700 users and only 130 of those have iphones.

Any ideas, please help cause we have only one Exhange box and its dying
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Well - to disable it globally you can use the following EMS command:

get-Mailbox | set-CASMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled:$False

Then you can enable it either through the EMC one by one, or again through the EMS using the following command:

Set-CASMailbox -Identity user@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true

If you get a list of authorised users, you can create a text file with a line per user that is authorised and just copy / paste that into the EMS like this:

Set-CASMailbox -Identity user1@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user2@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user3@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user4@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user5@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user6@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user7@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user8@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user9@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user10@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Set-CASMailbox -Identity user11@domain.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
You can globally disable Activesync for ALL users and then enable it for the relevant users that have been authorised to use it or disable it user by user.  Either way - there is no quick fix.

Do you allow any user to connect their iPhone to the server or only authorised ones?
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
Well its only for authorised users but private users are putting them selves on  our exchange.  There is must be something i an do with AD to force passwords or something
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