Prevent collection of 'Sent Items' in group mailbox - Exchange 2010

We have 'scanning' pc's set up in our environment that have their own AD logins with their own mailboxes set up in our Exchange environment. Is there a way to disable collection of 'sent' items for that mailbox?

Our concern is if someone scans a confidential document and forwards it to their own email account, a copy will remain on the 'scanning' malbox in the 'Sent Items' folder. We want to remove this capability from that mailbox.

Thanks in advance.
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viveksahuConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You need to use MRM in exchange 2010.
Tekz08Author Commented:
This looks like it would be useful, but seems like it would take far too much time to implement.
Tekz08Author Commented:
Looks like a lot of effort would need to go into this. Was looking for something quick and dirty.
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