using vcards in yahoo mail?


I have people send me vcards and calendar entries to my yahoo address.  I don't see any way to add those like in outlook or such.  Is there a way to add them automatically, or with a click?

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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ugeb

This doesn't answer your question, but here's something REALLY annoying.  I very rarely view my Yahoo messages in Webmail, preferring to download them by POP3.  I logged in and opened the Contacts list, and I am absolutely positive that I was able to click on the "Options" link where it showed the IMPORT options in a drop-down list as follows:

Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)
Netscape (.LDIF file)
Yahoo! (.CSV file)
vCard (.VCF file)

I noted them and then went back to take a note of the steps so you could do the same, and I got some error message about my profile not being currently available.  They were obviously applying an updated layout and options to my profile, because I could not retrace my steps to return to that page.  It has been removed.

The ONLY options I now see for importing contacts are after performing these steps:

Method 1:
"Contacts" tab at left > "Import now" link in main pane OR "Tools" drop-down > Import.

Method 2:
From the "Mail" tab > click "Options" drop-down at top right > Mail Options.
Click "Contacts" in left pane.

Either of these methods open a new page in a new browser tab as described above.  Clicking the "Import" on that shows this crap:

 Clickable image links
No longer is there an option visible to import from a VCF, CSV, or other file.  Instead, all you have is the option to import contacts from some other WEBMAIL or (anti)social networking site.

Clicking the Facebook image takes me to a secure facebook login page ( which appears to be in Hebrew, and it is just as well that the Username/Password, and Submit objects are intuitive, because I don't read or speak Hebrew.  I was looking at an Israeli Experts-Exchange member's test page for a Facebook function earlier today and it seems to have remembered this:

 Gobbledegook to me
Clicking the GMail image takes me to and shows the following options (composite image to show all the options in the scrollable box):

The Windows Live Mail option just takes you here:
and shows the same page with that option ticked.

The "Other" option takes you here:
and ticks the "Other Yahoo Account box".

My advice is NOT TO USE THIS "SERVICE"!!

Normally TrueSwitch ( charge for handling migration of email messages, contacts, etc from one ISP to another or from one email account to another, but it looks as though they are partnered with Yahoo and offer this for free.

Back in 2007 I was helping a friend migrate her dial-up ISP account to a broadband one with the same provider, and she wanted her Yahoo webmail messages migrated to her new email account.  AT&T recommended TrueSwitch, as a lot of ISPs were (and maybe still are) doing, so she tried it out and it failed badly.  The TrueSwitch process "successfully" transferred something like 188 absolutely EMPTY Zero-Byte shells of files to her new email account, and she received no response to repeated support questions submitted to TrueSwitch/Esaya.

Bearing in mind that you are supplying them with your email address and password to allow them to effect the transfer, this was bad enough, but when I went to download the TrueSwitch installation package to see if I had misjudged the security aspect of the process, the link sneakily installed TrueSwitch on my own computer without prompting even though I had Right-clicked on it with the intention of doing a "Save Target As".

After uninstalling it from Add/Remove Programs it left a registered and running ActiveX Control (MailSwitch.ocx) that I had to de-register and delete.  Whether coincidentally or not, at that time I also discovered a temporary internet files cache with pages and files clearly relating to OTHER peoples Yahoo email pages.

OK, so perhaps TrueSwitch has been improved and is now less sneaky, and perhaps the internet cache was caused by some other malware, but my system was really secure at the time and I still form the impression that the program logged into other peoples' accounts or some other underhanded or errant process.  I still would not recommend using TrueSwitch.

Personally I am quite annoyed about the fact that Yahoo have apparently either hidden or have done away with the standard methods of importing contacts from a file and have chosen to shove either a Facebook import app or a 3rd-party service in our faces as the alternative.

I will humbly eat my hat and be thankful if someone else can show the steps to get to that old-style import option ;-)

In support of my suggestion NOT to use TrueSwitch to import contacts, here are the links to two other questions (one of them my own):
ugebAuthor Commented:
While I didn't really get to know how to use a vcard, you did put in the time to answer, so here are the points:)
Thank you ugeb.

No, my comment didn't really provide any actual solution to your problem, did it?  I certainly couldn't see any way to import VCards directly into Yahoo Mail.  It only offers the import methods I described above with screenshots.

As far as "Calendar" attachments is concerned, it is something I have never been involved with before, so I'm not really qualified to discuss that part of your question in any depth.  The only thing I can see in Yahoo Webmail that vaguely resembles Importing calendar data is:
Yahoo Webmail > Calendar > Sync (link across at the right).
Yahoo Sync is described here:

As far as importing from a VCF card received as an attachment is concerned, I still cannot find a direct way to do this in Yahoo Webmail.  The *.CVF file type is normally registered in Windows Operating Systems to add the contact to your address book when opened from the attachment in an INSTALLED email client, but that does not hold true for Webmail interfaces.

In my previous comment I discussed the only current option now apparently available in Yahoo Mail.  It is handled by a third party and you effectively provide them with the email addresses and passwords of your other accounts such as GMail, and hope that it is all done securely and works.  I still will not recommend this because of my past experiences and mistrust, however here is further reading:

I think it is rather pathetic that Yahoo cannot or will not create their own tool to import from a a single file in choice of formats.  They wouldn't have to support all possible formats, because there are converters available and "remapping" of the data fields could even be accomplished with a plain old "DOS" batch file, but a handful of common formats would have been handy.

I was curious to see what format Yahoo WebMail allowed you to EXPORT your Contacts to.  (Contacts > Tools dropdown > Export).  I actually started some notes a while back in which  intended to exhaustively compare the different formats that could be exported by different email clients, but never finished it.  I have attached it just as an informational extra.  You are aware that a vCard is just basic editable text that can be opened in a text editor like Windows Notepad?

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