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changing schedule access across all mail files

is there any "back end" way to set schedule access across all mail files on a Domino server ?
1 Solution
There is, if you by "schedule access" mean Access Control List (ACL).
You can change, add or delete an entry by doing this:

Open Domino Administrator > Go to Files tab > Select all databases in the Mail folder (ctrl + a) > Right click > Access control > Manage
guygriffinAuthor Commented:
no...I was looking for something a little less intrusive....
Can you explain what you mean by "schedule access"?
And what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
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Aha, you want to delegate access to your calendar? The thing that's explained here but to put yourself/someone into all mail files:

AFAIK, there's no way to do that for all mail databases (besides through ACL), that's intended to be set up by each user.

Here's the similar question:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You must be a good guesser, Marko, for I still don't understand the question...

My guess at the moment would be: No, not possible, for there isn't that much scheduled in Notes mail databases. Could be wrong of course...
Guess how I found the topic?
I searched help on "schedule access" and, as it turns out, the help topic is actually named "Delegating access to your schedule information" :)
guygriffinAuthor Commented:
yeah...while I know how to do this to my own mail file I wanted to administer everybody's else databases to ensure that they had this set I said ACLing it seemed a bit harsh / instrusive but that looks like the only way to really do it (other tan relying on users, ha-ha).

Just as an aside I have used ACLHELP to change ACLs on multiple databases - it's very, very beneficial.
guygriffinAuthor Commented:
It's a bugger there's not a better way to do this....
Try this:

For one mail file follow the documented route. Add on specific person with the rights as you want them to be for all users.
Add an Access only group to the NAB containing who you want to delegate access to, let's cal it MailAccess

Now open the Domino Administrator. Navigate to the mail server, and us it to look at the files on the mail server. look at the mail file you just add somone to. Change the added person to MailAccess, and the type to Person Group.
Now Select all the other mailfiles, and add MailAccess to them with the same permissions as the the first one.

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