SCR Seeding failure

I am trying to enable SCR in our Exchange evironment and the seeding keeps failing.  I get:
Update-StorageGroupCopy : Seeding failed : Database seeding
error: Error return
ed from an ESE function call (0xc7ff1004), error code (0x0).
It is updated to SP3 Rollup 2 running on Server 2008 R2.  Everything I find says this is a firewall issue but windows firewall is turned off on both servers.  Please help!
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viveksahuLead ConsultantCommented:

You can try the below mention step and try to resolve your issue...

1:- Disable the Storage Group copy (The Storage group which you are facing the issue) by running the below command..

C:\>Disable-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "SourceServerName\SourceStorageGroupName" -StandbyMachine TargetServerName

Then after 10-15 Minutes you go on source server and open the Exchange Log folder for this Storage Group and see that your sharing has been removed or still its showing the Share by right click on the Folder and if it still showing then wait till the time it disappear the share.

After that you delete the Database and Log file folder from target server because it has been disabled the SG Copy.

2:- After disable the Share you try to rerun the Command for enable the StorageGroupCopy by running the below command...

C:\ > Enable-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "SourceServerName\SourceStorageGroupName" -StandbyMachine TargetServerName -ReplayLagTime 0:5:0

3:- After 10-15 minutes you will see the folder name on target server as the name of same SG Database and Log folder name on source server. And after 10-15 minutes you will see on target server that your source server SG log files has been replicated on Target server.

4:- You run the below command for suspend the Storage Group copy because you need to seed the database.

Suspend-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "SourceServerName\SourceStorageGroupName" -StandbyMachine TargetServerName

5:- After running the above command you try the below command for seeding the database from source server to target server...

Update-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "SourceServerName\SourceStorageGroupName" -StandbyMachine TargetServerName

And if you will get some error while running above command that e00.chk file already exist then add one more command on above command

Update-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "SourceServerName\SourceStorageGroupName" -StandbyMachine TargetServerName -DeleteExistingFiles

6:- After Seeding the Database you run the below command for resuming the log file replay on target server...

Resume-StorageGroupCopy -Identity "SourceServerName\SourceStorageGroupName" -StandbyMachine TargetServerName

7:- Then you run the below command to get status of replication...

Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus  "SourceServerName\SourceStorageGroupName" -StandbyMachine TargetServerName

If any issue while running the above command or still facing same issue please let me know.

Dan ArseneauDevOps EngineerCommented:
Going back to the basics of SCR, are the folder structures on the source and destination identical?
bepsoccer1Author Commented:
Yes the file structures are identical.  This is the exact procedure I did originally, but I tried again and am still getting the same error.
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Dan ArseneauDevOps EngineerCommented:
Are you running your Shell under Administrator rights?  or the Console?  You almost always have to run the console or the shell "As Administrator".
bepsoccer1Author Commented:
Yep running as administrator with domain admin/exchange organization admin credentials.
Dan ArseneauDevOps EngineerCommented:
Don't get me wrong, are you right-clicking the console icon and choosing "Run As Administrator"?
bepsoccer1Author Commented:
Yes.  I am seeing a folder on the target in the storage group directory named temp-seeding that contains what looks like the database thats supposed to be the storage group.
Dan ArseneauDevOps EngineerCommented:
Ok.  I've run into so many problems when backups are can't do any copying or replicating.

I just found this from the Exchange Team blog
bepsoccer1Author Commented:
Are you saying backup-exec could possibly be the issue?
Dan ArseneauDevOps EngineerCommented:
Not that your using Backup-Exec...just the fact that a 'backup' is running.  When a backup (of any type) is running, files are locked.  This stops replication from working properly.

All I'm saying is check to make sure that a backup is not running while trying to create a database copy.
bepsoccer1Author Commented:
OK, i have verified that no backup is running and i still have the same problem.
Dan ArseneauDevOps EngineerCommented:
Did you check the Exchange Team Blog link I put in earlier?  It has your exact error in it.
bepsoccer1Author Commented:
Yes, the blog says what many other resources say.  They say it's a windows firewall issue and like I said originally the firewall is off on both servers.
bepsoccer1Author Commented:
I found a definitive answer.  SCR using clustering APIs and since clustering APIs don't support mixed OS environment neither does SCR.  My source is 2003 R2 and the target is 2008 R2.  I guess i will need to decide tomorrow if I'm going to upgrade or downgrade...

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