Contact forms on web using html htm or cgi without php and including a katptcha

Php is not installed. I have been working with some templates but am having no success. I need  simple web form that I can embed within a cgi file. The form would have a default contact with a pull down tab that allows to specify which person the user wishes to contact. Ideally, it would include some type of checking to prevent spam. Please help!!
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
CGI covers a lot of bases.  What languages do you have access to?
libertyforall2Author Commented:
       I use mainly Perl, cgi (with embedded html). I also have access to htm & css. I use shell scripting as well within a unix box as well as some additional modeling and graphics software. The webforms need to be generated within the cgi script which is what is pushed to the website. Php is not available.
libertyforall2Author Commented:
I'll give it a shot.
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