java.exe using 50% of my CPU usage

good day experts.
i have a process called java.exe that is using 50% of the cpu
i have seen that program using 600.000 KB of the memory

what is that ?
i dont have jre or java console installed on the server
but i can see the process runing..
there is any way to know what is that ?
or stop it ?

if i go to device manager and stop it
it turn back on again !

please help !!
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alok-mishraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your internal office aplication have java application which has run with its , pls update te applicaton and windows patches
Which OS u r using , and it application server
nickt25Author Commented:
i am using w2k3 server, and i am just runing an internal app of the office
expert_tanmayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use process explorer and find out which program has started java on your system. Download from the location below

You may also use the command to check if java is installed and what version has been installed.
Java -version

nickt25Author Commented:
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