SBS 2011 not shutting down properly when installed as HyperV Guest OS

Hi Experts,

We have successfully installed alot of Virtual machines using Windows Server HyperV R2 2008 and have for the first time installed SBS 2011 as a guest with it. Everything is working fine except for the shutdown of the SBS 2011 Guest OS. I have tested the following shutdown method and all result in an "unclean shutdown" of the SBS 2011 Server.

All integration services are enabled and working. All drivers are installed properly.

1. Have tried to shutdown from the SBS 2011 console using the standard shutdown via start menu. The computer begins to shutdown than during the shutdown of the services it shutdown entirely like a good shutdown. When we reboot it we get the shutdown event tracker log that the previous shutdown was unclean.

2. Have tried shutting down from the HyperV manager and it does the same thing as above.

3. Have tried shutting down from the HyperV terminal.

4. I have even tried the "Restart" option. The system restarts as would any other server but it always comes up with the shutdown event tracker alerting me that it was not shutdown correctly.

All the other three guest OS shutdown properly except SBS 2011.

Is there a shutdown bug in SBS 2011 that prevents it from being shutdown properly when installed as a HyperV guest.

It's not often we need to shut it down but an unclean shutdown will eventually result in a database / file corruption of some sort.

Your help would be appreciated.  
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logicsolutionsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found the problem:

It's related to Blackberry Enterprise Server which I have installed on the same SBS 2011 box.

The last post in the above highlights the cause of the problem. Seems to be a mixture of BES and 2008 / 2011 platforms.

This problem seems like it pretty common.

Thanks Guys for the heads up.

Will run the BPA in the next couple of days to confirm the server configuration is running at optimal.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I am not much help but a few comments:
No chance you have IPv6 disabled? It is known to cause numerous issues especially at startup, though I haven't heard of this one.

For the record I have run SBS 2011 beta and RTM as a hyper-V guest with no issues, so it's not a universal problem.

Many folk find SBS shudowns very slow and have thus written scripts to shutdown various services first allowing for quick clean shutdowns. Though I agree this shouldn't be necessary I wonder if implementing one of these might make a difference. If so it might help to pinpoint what service is causing the problem by tinkering with it.
logicsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob.

It's a strange problem as no matter where we shut it down from the SBS 2011 Guest always comes up again saying the previous shutdown was not completed correctly.

As SBS 2011 is fairly new and not a lot of folk out there are probably using it in production environments with HYPERV as the server and SBS 2011 as the guest I suspect we might even need to lodge a call with Microsoft. I didn't even find SBS 2011 on the approved list of Guest VM though you would think certain it should be supported.

I might contact MS today and speak to a tech.

FYI IP 6 is still enabled. I might also see if there is a Best Practices Analyzer for SBS 2011 that will check the system and alert any problems.

If anyone has a similar issue and managed to find the solution please post back.

Many Thanks.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
I can tell you that this isn't a "known" or normal problem. I've been running beta versions of SBSv7/SBS2011, including RCs and RTM in various incarnations, all virtual (I couldn't justify dedicating a server) and have been testing a few migrations with virtual machines from SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 to SBS 2011. I have not seen this behavior even once.

With that said, a few things that come to mind:

1) Make sure you do NOT have time services running for the VM. SBS is a DC and like any DC on Hyper-V, letting the host sync time causes bad things to happen.

2) Make sure your drivers are up-to-date in the host. Particularly any storage (RAID) drivers.

3) Firimware too. See #2.

4) OS too. fully patched (host). See #2.

I'm guessing that the hypervisor is detecting the power off event and is not flushing the request write changes to the .vhd as expected. This would likely be an issue with the hypervisor itself, not with the guest OS, which is why I'm focusing on the updates I am recommending.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"As SBS 2011 is fairly new and not a lot of folk out there are probably using it in production environments with HYPERV as the server and SBS 2011 as the guest "
Probably true but a large percentage of the beta testing was done that way and I don't recall any bugs reported.

There is a BPA for SBS 2011, but it disappeared yesterday awaiting the release of an updated version. Just google "Windows Small Business Server 2011 Best Practices Analyzer" in the near future and it should be the first link.

logicsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys.

Just to also note. This is only happening for SBS 2011. All other VM types are fine. Will certainly give the BPA a shot as I did notice that on Saturday that it was not available.

Will get back to you in the interim.
logicsolutionsAuthor Commented:
This sounds awfully similar to a very old problem. Found this whilst doing my digging around.
logicsolutionsAuthor Commented:
I also found this. As I have Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager installed on the server this culd also be the reason. The following forum discuss this problem and it's only a couple of weeks old. Will look into this.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Interesting. Thank you for posting your findings.
Based on that you could use one of the scripts above to add shutting down the blackberry services before the actually shutdown and set them to have a delayed start at boot. It might resolve the problem.
logicsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Mod please close the question,
logicsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Problem was related to BES Server.
Thanks - saved me some time.
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