Hp Laserjet Printer driver installation issue


I am using HP laserjet 1015 printer. During driver installation it stop automatically and error flash on the screen. Please suggest some solution. Please find the screen shot. I have tried in another pc also same issue coming other PC too. Please suggest solution on it.

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AJITPADHYConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Close the call. As i need two or question solution. Some how my issue resolve after comment by experts. So i am satisfied with the solution.
Are you using a CD that cam with the printer?

If so, remove all HP driver installation so far, and try downloading from HP (I see you have XP, so a slightly older driver may be better).
edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try running this tool to fix that error.
Download here
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AJITPADHYAuthor Commented:
After running the tool software of HP issue fix but printing not coming out from printer. IT showing error print in a queue. But printing never coming out.
Have you tried restarting the computer. Sometimes that's all it takes.
AJITPADHYAuthor Commented:
yes i have removed the driver and restart the computer but issue remain same. Nothing happend.
edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is a USB printer, Open the Device Manager. Click Start>Run then enter devmgmt.msc

While watching the device manager, try unplugging the printer and plug it back in.

Do you see anything happenning? Are there any flagged devices there?
JohnnyCanuckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the driver installed without error and you still can't print try clearing the print que.

Open a command prompt and type
net stop spooler

Browse to

Delete all files in the printers folder

At the command prompt again type
net start spooler

Open up your printers folder and check that your printer is on line and  try printing again.
AJITPADHYAuthor Commented:
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