extending a hard drive after cloning it to see all the space (only sees 80 of 500 gigs)

(pref free and easy)
Ive a 80 gig hdd
Ive cloned it to a 500 gig.

It still see only 80 gig.

What tool can I use to extend it to see the free space available?
Im prepared to spend a small amount on SW if its particularly easy to use.

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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Yes, the demo will work fine.

In your case, the disk currently "looks" like this:


... where the A's represent the first partition, the B's the 2nd, and the x's the free space

To extend the first partition, you have to first "move" the free space so it's immediately after it.    So my earlier instructions need to be amended a bit ...

After you click on Partition Work, highlight the 2nd partition;  then click on "Slide" (on the right) ... and choose to have zero free space "after" the result.    Wait for this to finish (it will take a while, as it has to move all of the data).     Your disk will then "look" like this:


NOW you simply highlight the first partition & click on ReSize, as I noted earlier.   This will be VERY quick ... and the result will be this:


What operating system do you have?

if you have windows give this a shot:

if you are on linux use gparted
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
1)  Download the free demo of Boot-It NG [http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-next-generation.htm ]  and create a bootable CD using the included MakeDisk utility.

2)  Boot to the CD, selecting CANCEL at the first prompt; then OK

3)  Click on Partition Work;  be sure the 80GB partition is highlighted (it should be);  then click on ReSize (on the right side).     Select your new desired size when prompted.   This operation will be VERY quick (a couple seconds).

Done :-)
fcekAuthor Commented:

Ive XP.
fcekAuthor Commented:

garycase: > Will that "demo" do the full job or it has to be purchased?

Also does it work well if there are two partitions?  My goal is to stretch the partition that DOESNT have the recovery partition on it.

So as an example.
<first partition 40gig><second partition 40gig><420 gig unallocated space>

here is a free tool and instructions on how to extend your volume. there are a whole bunch of other tools that work as well

the demo will work ok, with many partitions
but you 'll have to make free space next to the 80 GB, so you can expand it
you would slide the second partition to the end of disk -  then you can expand
i'm sure garycase will help further
before you try any tool you should give it a go with microsofts tools, look at my posts above.
I agree with andreizz.

Try this: Right click My Computer and select Manage.
Go to disk management and see if you can do it from here.
You should be able to right click on the unallocated space and format it somehow
I use a GParted live cd for that kind of job.  Has a simple slider to adjust partition size.  Just hit [ENTER] at prompts during the boot.  Download lice cd here.

fcekAuthor Commented:

Garycase - how do I make a bootable cd?  From which download?

1)  Download the free demo of Boot-It NG [http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-next-generation.htm ]  and create a bootable CD using the included MakeDisk utility.


fcekAuthor Commented:

Garycase - pls ignore last question.  I had to move all the zipped to  another folder then run the make disk ap.

fcekAuthor Commented:
Please see this question re bootIT bare Metal
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