Exchange 2010 Applying limits to groups

Is there a way to set mailbox limits to an AD group in Exchange 2010?
Joel ParmerProgram CoordinatorAsked:
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danielss1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Jmparmer,

unfortunately there is no way to set mailbox limits to an AD group in Exchange 2010.

How ever you can select more than one user at once and set the Mailbox limit there.

Actually, have you gone into the SBS Console and checked the limitations on the group?  Had a recent scenario where I had to REMOVE the limitations, and the work around - not traditional way of doing things, was to REMOVE the limitations on the groups through the users/sbs console.
Joel ParmerProgram CoordinatorAuthor Commented:
SBS?  Is that small business server?

We're running 2010 enterprise.
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