Pivot table from multiple sources

This is a hard one to explain but here goes:

I have external data that basically shows a case number, an open date and a closed date.
I want to create a pivot table to include the sum of the open and the sum of the closed on a month by month basis.
Sounds simple but if i create a single data connection to the data and then create the pivot table to show open cases and closed cases inthe values and the days and months in the row labels it will give me the sum of the open cases in a particular month correctly but the closed, instead of being the sum of the cases closed in the month shows the sum of the closed based on those opened in that month. (if that makes sense!)

My initial thought was to create two data connections, one to pull in the open cases count and one to pull in the closed count, then combine them into a single pivot table. Is this possible?

I have included a copy of my work so far. As you can see there are two tabs that are pulled from the data source "Opened" & "Closed" and an Analysis tab where the pivot table is.

On the analtsis i have created two pivot tables, one for the open and one for the closed. Also shown is a set of data that link to both tables and shows Opened, Closed and the Difference. This is the info i need in the single pivot table.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Might be a red herring, but I make it 314 closed. I get the same values in the attached which is a single dataset to which I've added a year and month column (if you group  by month I don't think a PT allows for the year).
Could you combine the two datasets into one and put in the third column 1 for open and 2 for closed (say)?
carlspywellAuthor Commented:
I had a single source origionally with open & closed dates then i created a column for open with 1 in and a further column for closed with a one in (so it would use the sum of these to show the number open and the number closed) however, The data does not seem to match up!

Here is the closed data for 2010 as it should be

      Jan      118
      Feb      143
      Mar      151
      Apr      119
      May      127
      Jun      83
      Jul      116
      Aug      113
      Sep      162
      Oct      150
      Nov      106
      Dec      91

And here is 2010 when using the combined source: (the 2nd column is the opened)

Jan      196      67
Feb      236      111
Mar      329      116
Apr      272      64
May      191      44
Jun      238      55
Jul      213      66
Aug      142      33
Sep      231      42
Oct      172      26
Nov      195      16
Dec      205      12

As you can see the data is not the same. I don't know why!
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OK, what should the values be for Jan 2010 in the file you attached?
carlspywellAuthor Commented:
Open 196 and closed 118. If you see the file i attached the values are correct on the analysis sheet.
carlspywellAuthor Commented:
I have attached a further file where sheet 1 shows the result of the combined data from the DATA Sheet
carlspywellAuthor Commented:
Apologies, I forgot to mention that they are filtered by Claim Type to Include only "R" & "M".

You are correct @ 314 if you include all Claim Types.

TracyVBA DeveloperCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See my comment at the end of the question for more details.
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